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If you are moving to Prescott, you will receive $500 off your rental if you purchase your home through Colleen (paid at closing).


Colleen McElmell (formerly Colleen Lynch) started CLA Realty in 1999 and acquired her Real Estate license in 1995 just three years after moving to Arizona. Originally Colleen started selling real estate around Northern Virginia in 1983. Inspired by her Mother’s own brokerage company "House of Homes Realty" located in Napa, California, Colleen set off to follow in her footsteps with CLA Realty by focusing on providing a personal yet professional service delivering your dream into a realty reality.

With over 22 years of experience of selling real estate in Arizona, Colleen has seen the cyclical ups and downs of the real estate market and knows how to guide you and your family in finding a home that's right for you. Working in the business for so long has provided Colleen with the connections needed to give your home that extra cherry on top whether you are looking to sell or improve upon your new home.  Our local Prescott office has an array of experienced agents to make sure that you’re matched up with the right agent!

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